Thursday, March 25, 2010

More House Projects

We have been having so much fun with a few house projects lately. First, we put gutters on the house. I think it makes the white trim stand out which I like. It will also get the water away from the house which is obviously the main purpose.
Here is the before shot of the garage door...
And here is the after...
Amazing transformation don't you think?
They had to frame out the garage so the door would fit since our garage (built in 1943) was a one piece and an odd size. We will paint the raw wood white sometime this spring. We also plan on adding a entrance door to match in place of the plywood one that is there now.
Projects to come:
Exterior Shutters/window boxes
Landscaping around the house
Pathway to the front porch
New Mailbox
and the list could go on....

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  1. The garage door looks incredible! What a difference. Like the new blog design too.