Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sandbox Reveal

Mada's 2nd Birthday Party

We had a lot of fun at the birthday party. It was a Dora the Explorer party or as Mada says, "DorDor". It turned out to be a beautiful day even though the forcast called for rain. The girls have been endlessly digging in the dirt, so we got her a sand box. It was a big hit. She also got a load of clothes. We have been having a lot of fun picking out a new outfit each day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's Day Rainbow Art

Today we did a rainbow art project for St. Patrick's Day. We put gold glitter in the pot of gold and glued cotton balls on the cloud. Amelia worked really hard coloring each row neatly and stayed in the lines.

Amelia wanted to practice riding her bike last night. She hasn't got the hang of the pedaling yet. But she was teaching an imaginary person how to ride the bike as she walked along beside it. She loves her bike!

Icecream and Burgers at Braums

Happy 2nd Birthday Mads! We love you!
We went to eat at Braums for Mada's Birthday Sunday evening. We will have her party this upcoming Saturday.

Birthday Breakfast

We all went out to breakfast to celebrate Grandma Sally's 79th Birthday on Sunday morning. It was a delicious buffet. We all chowed down and the girls (under 6) were free. Yippee! Happy Birthday Grams!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Antique Mall Finds

My mom and I went in search of a coat tree for the house. I wanted a convenient spot for us to hang our coats (since we don't have a coat closet). My search criteria was to find something sturdy and classic in style. After two antique malls and about 15 coat trees later...we found this one. I love it! (Thanks to mom and two well behaved children) Oh, and while we were there, we spotted the flowered hand-painted fire screen too. No, I didn't buy it, but mom painted it about 20 years ago and sold it in a garage sale. And there it was displayed in a booth across from my coat tree! Lots of fun...Lots of fun.

Birthday Fun at Toys-R-Us

We signed the girls up for the Toys-R-Us Birthday Club last year. Just before their birthday, they send a $3 gift card in the mail. When we got to the store, they gave Mada a crown and a balloon. As we were shopping around, the lady told Mada HAPPY BIRTHDAY over the intercom. Both Amelia and Mada got is just too hard to only let one pick something. Especially at this age. Anyway, Mads picked a puppy that whines and barks and pants. She loves her "doga". That is what she calls Murphy too. Amelia picked a baby with hair that came with a pillow, blanket, and stuffed bear.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

When Daddy Comes Home

We all are excited when Daddy comes home from his 12 hour shift at work. Mada and Amelia run to the door yelling and everyone wants hugs and kisses. The girls tried on dad's beret and they thought they looked pretty cute.

Spending the Day in our Pajamas

It has been overcast and pretty chilly the last few days so the girls just wanted to stay in their Pajamas today. I found Amelia reading a story to Mada on the bed this afternoon. Amelia has been choosing books from the shelves and reading them herself after we read the story together. Using picture clues to 'read' is a great early literacy experience she has chosen to do on her own.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Natural Playscapes Workshop

On Friday, Stan and Grandma Sally took time out of their entire day to watch all the kids for me so I could attend the Natural Playscapes Workshop by Rusty Keeler, a designer from upstate New York. I traveled to Hesston, KS where I participated in a wonderfully organized event; it included Keeler's photo presentation and walking tours to the Arboretum and an inter-generational childcare center with a natural playground. I even got to speak with Rusty Keeler and address some of the design issues I was having, as the group took time to dream up their own natural play grounds. I left the workshop with new ideas, a bag full of resources, and an autographed book. It was a great day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What a Beautiful Day

We spent much of the morning outside in the fresh air enjoying the beautiful weather. It is 75 degrees out right now. Amelia finally got to wear her new spring skirt. She has been playing dress-up with it for several weeks now. Today I was able to say "YES!". I dragged the picnic table out of the garage so the kids could eat lunch outside too.

Just for Vivian

Here is a picture of Uncle Stan for Vivian!

The Family Table

In the past, eating at the family table was a part of everyday life. The familiar sound each evening of mother calling to the children, "Dinner's Ready, come to the table!" was heard in homes everywhere. However, today this is often not the case. We live in a fast paced, drive-thru society. I have found myself caught in the fast food lane picking dinner up for my family so many times, I have hoped the neighbors wouldn't notice when I came home with McDonald's bags in my arms.

When we moved into our 1900's home in the summer of 2008, there was an old dinner bell hanging by the side door. It is a symbol of simpler times. This bell is a reminder of how important it is to serve nutritious meals at the family table on a regular basis.

"She has prepared her meat and mixed her wine; she has also set her table."
Proverbs 9:2

In The Home Experience by Devi Titus, she introduces an idea called the Table Principle. She says"The Table Principle is a truth that transcends culture and time. Since the creation of the first table, the table has been of primary importance to the family system. This principle stands true even when values and lifestyles change. Time spent at the table satisfies a cry of the human heart because a lovingly prepared table is a place where the presence of God dwells and individual relationships are established."
Checklist for Returning to the Family Table
•Ask the Lord to show you how to make eating together as a family a priority.

•Clear the clutter and set the table before dinner so your family can anticipate the meal to come.

•Increase the number of meals you eat together. Not every meal needs to be at the table. Pizza and a movie on the couch on Friday night can bring the family together as well.

•Play quiet music in the background while eating.

•Make the table look inviting and beautiful. This can be done by using nice dishes and silverware or by setting the table with color coordinated paper plates and cups.

•Add seasonal touches like fresh flowers from the spring garden or a lighted candle on a crisp fall evening.

•Prepare simple and nutritious meals that your family enjoys.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Build A Bear

Visiting Build-a-Bear Workshop has become a favorite activity around here. Amelia has really gotten the hang of the process... choose the animal, stuff it (soft and squishy or big and stuffy), kiss the heart, give it an air bath, and finally choose the clothes (and accessories if dad is taking her).
Mada usually comes along, but so far she has been less than interested in the process. This past weekend Celia wanted to take the girls and Mada really had a good time. Amelia chose Pandy with a blue Sparkle outfit and Mada chose Little Lamb.

Welcome Spring!

March is here, and I decided to welcome the warm weather with a fresh spring door mat and lawn flag. Spring doesn't officially begin until March 20th. In Kansas, the weather is 'up in the air' at this point. A few days ago it was frigid and it is forcasted to be in the 80's this weekend.

Feeling Better

We are really trying to get over all the sickness that has been going around. Last week both Amelia and I had the flu(intestinal). Stan and Mada thankfully passed that one up. However, this week Stan has a sinus cold; Amelia woke up yesterday with a bad cough. We decided to go ahead and take her to the doctor. Or really Urgent Care because McConnell didn't have any more appointments available. They discovered she had a Sinus infection. So now we are stocked up on medications and antibiotics for the next 10 days.

Amelia woke up this morning already feeling MUCH better. We took baths and got dressed and were ready for the day!