Saturday, March 14, 2009

Antique Mall Finds

My mom and I went in search of a coat tree for the house. I wanted a convenient spot for us to hang our coats (since we don't have a coat closet). My search criteria was to find something sturdy and classic in style. After two antique malls and about 15 coat trees later...we found this one. I love it! (Thanks to mom and two well behaved children) Oh, and while we were there, we spotted the flowered hand-painted fire screen too. No, I didn't buy it, but mom painted it about 20 years ago and sold it in a garage sale. And there it was displayed in a booth across from my coat tree! Lots of fun...Lots of fun.


  1. Love the coat tree! Looks great against the wood floor. That's so crazy about your Mom's old fire-screen. I remember that thing! Happy Birthday to Mada! Hope she has a wonderful birthday tomorrow (actually today, I'm up waaay too late).

  2. I bet you both couldn't believe it when you saw the beautiful fire screen in the store.That is amazing!How fun!

  3. Good! Now I have somewhere to hang my coat. :o) You always find the good stuff. Then that fire screen! I bet that was quite a surprise.