Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Amelia!

Birth Day- May 2005
1st Birthday- May 2006
2nd Birthday- May 2007
3rd Birthday- May 2008
4th Birthday- May 2009
5th Birthday- May 2010
Amelia came in layed down next to me after everyone had left from the party and said "Thanks for my birthday mom. It was the best party in the whole world."

Dad was reading "Little Red Riding Hood" from Grandma Debbie.
And finally a few family shots...

Monster Madness and other Fun Stuff

Last week we did a theme on Friendly Monsters. I wasn't too sure how well I would like it, but it was a hit with the kids and a lot of fun for me too!
Here are some of the books and art projects for the week.
We also made a milk jug monster and fed him Yy objects (our letter of the week). He was VERY hungry!

Amelia and Mada have been working on puzzles a lot lately. Amelia especially loves the large floor puzzles. She goes down to the storage shelf and picks out a new one several times per week.
Each day we fill in the next date on the calendar. We also put picture cards for important dates/holidays to practice counting skills. On Friday, we were planning on going to the zoo. So Amelia was looking for the Zoo card to put on the calendar. I told her we did not have one so she grabbed some zoo animal stickers, paper, and a marker and made her own card to put on the calendar!
Here is a close-up shot of it. I thought she did such a great job and without any prompting from me at all.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our new playset!

We finally got our new playset. First we set aside the area by laying down weed paper.
Then Stanley got to work putting the set together.
Mada is helping with the directions.
Here it is all set up! The kids LOVE it and have already spent a lot of time out there. We also water sealed it which will be need to be done once per year. We bought a sprayer which makes the aplication go a lot faster.
The surfacing underneath is a good quality outdoor carpat in a pebble type color. We are going to line the edges of it with landscape ties to finish it off. We will see how we like it. If we don't, then we can cover it with another loose surfacing such as pea gravel or wood chips and have in underneath as a great weed barrier. This so clean and tidy though. I saw this idea on a forum that I get on. It rained last night and was very windy. We had not even staked it down yet and it stayed securely in place and was dry this morning with no puddles. Interesting huh?