Saturday, May 15, 2010

Monster Madness and other Fun Stuff

Last week we did a theme on Friendly Monsters. I wasn't too sure how well I would like it, but it was a hit with the kids and a lot of fun for me too!
Here are some of the books and art projects for the week.
We also made a milk jug monster and fed him Yy objects (our letter of the week). He was VERY hungry!

Amelia and Mada have been working on puzzles a lot lately. Amelia especially loves the large floor puzzles. She goes down to the storage shelf and picks out a new one several times per week.
Each day we fill in the next date on the calendar. We also put picture cards for important dates/holidays to practice counting skills. On Friday, we were planning on going to the zoo. So Amelia was looking for the Zoo card to put on the calendar. I told her we did not have one so she grabbed some zoo animal stickers, paper, and a marker and made her own card to put on the calendar!
Here is a close-up shot of it. I thought she did such a great job and without any prompting from me at all.

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