Thursday, November 12, 2009

Advent Planning Continues...

I have revamped my Advent activities as December draws closer. Finding a craft or activity for each Christmas book that is age appropriate has proved challenging and time consuming. (See my original post here.) So I have decided on an equally fun idea...but much easier to implement. For each WEEKDAY of December, we will do a simple holiday craft, activity, or baking project. We will also unwrap and read a Christmas storybook. The craft might go with the book or it may not depending on the day. For the weekends, the girls will get to choose a Christmas candy out of the Advent Calendar pocket for that day. On the weekdays we do activities, there will be a slip of paper describing our activity in the pocket. I hope that makes sense. I will write one more planning post before we start and then will post each activity as we complete it in December.

I will say this project has been a tad overwhelming. But I really believe in the importance of family traditions...something the girls always remember and look forward to. Christmas is already so busy and hectic. I hope these advent activities will help us slow down and enjoy the season together. I'll let you know how it goes.

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