Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Batch Cooking

Most people have heard of  "Freezer Cooking" or "Once a month Cooking". I have always been curious about it, but the term "freezer cooking" always turned me off. It doesn't sound very appetizing. However, I continually find myself asking, "What's for dinner?" This leads to a lot of eating out.
I decided to give it a shot. I am calling it Batch Cooking because I am not making a lot of complete meals but just the more time consuming parts that are easier to do in bulk such as boiling chicken or beans.I will make lasagna and manicotti as whole meals if I end up liking this method.
 Here is what I made this morning:

2 lbs. Boiled Chicken Breast which turned into...

3- One-and-a-half cup servings of shredded chicken

A Roast in the crock pot that turned into this...

for BBQ Roast Sandwiches (which i will freeze what we don't eat tonight).

Seasoned Ground Beef with potatoes for...

2 Dozen Tacos to freeze and ready to eat fried or soft.

Meat Pasta Sauce separated into meal sized portions

Chili Separated into Meal sized portions (I use it for loaded baked potatoes, frito wraps, or just a nice hot bowl in this chilly weather)

Taco Salad Meat

1 Pkg. of Pinto beans which turned into 9 cups of cooked beans separated into 3 cup portions.
(The white things are onions)

Here are some of the batches ready for the freezer.
I picked up these tips about storage from Freezer Cooking Pros...
  • Store the meals flat as shown above so they stack nicely in the freezer.
  • Meals can easily be defrosted by placing the freezer bag in hot water in the sink for about 1/2 hour before you are ready to heat it up. 

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  1. I'm so excited to give this a shot. Thank you so much for your advice for me on the Homeschool Lounge this morning. I'm so grateful for all of the encouragement and tips I got from that discussion on homemaking.

    Have a great evening! The funny thing is I'm not sure what's for dinner. : )