Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bible In A Year

I really felt led to read through the Bible this year. I have been saved all my life and have never done it. What a great time to start...my 30th year of life. Yes, it's true. Only a few weeks until my 30th Birthday. I am excited for this new era and all that God is doing as I grow and change in Him.
I chose the New Living Translation. It is easy to read and understand. My regular Bible is NLT and I love it. So I decided to get the same for my One Year Bible. I also like to have an Amplified available when I want to really look into a particular scripture.
My focus as I read this year, is to allow the Lord to point out the Fruits of His Spirit. I NEED these to be more evident in my everyday life. Never have I felt the need to show the Fruits of the Spirit as I have since becoming a mother. I can't wait to see the good work He will continue to do in my life.
I am on Day 12 today. I read a Old Testiment passage, a New Testiment passage, and part of a Psalm and Proverb each day. It takes less than 15  min.

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