Sunday, April 18, 2010

Greater Than, Less Than

Amelia got out the number scale activity box the other day. I explained that to do the activity she needed to choose two cards that have a number with corresponding pictures. Lay them out in front of the scale and then choose the plastic numerals to match and hook them on the scale. The greater (or larger) number is heavier. She went through all the cards, comparing the numbers.
I showed her how to write the greater than/less than and equal signs and she decided to write some herself as well. So much learning going on with this little activity.One thing I love about homeschooling is that you see all of this progress in learning without having to TEACH a lot of the skills. Children are natural learners. For example, I never drilled her to learn her numbers, however, she just picked them up through daily experiences. Although I have taught her basic phonics, a few weeks ago she naturally chose an alphabet book and magnetic letters and matched up the lowercase and uppercase letters. This was not a skill I specifically taught, but she just decided to do on her own. I love it!

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