Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Garden

There are beautiful Hydrangeas in bloom right now in the garden!
This picture below is of our baby hydrangea bush that we planted (and then replanted two weeks later because it was about to die).
Here is what it looked like when we planted it in its first location. I didn't get a picture of it when it started to shrivel up. But it looked aweful! I think it was getting too much sun and not enough moisture.
So we replanted it in its new location near the garage by the pond. This area has drip irrigation so the soil is always moist. I tenderly cared for it daily for about a week. I piched off the shriveled leaves, watered it and kept a close eye on its progress. It really paid off! Now it is flourishing. Take a look at the newest Annabelle Hydrangea in our garden...
Close up of our baby Hydrangea
Here are our GIANT Annabelle Hydrangeas
And finally a surprise in the garden! remember I dont know much about gardening and I am learning as I go along. Ever since we moved to this house 2 years ago, I have tried to stay on top of the weeding in the main garden area back by the pond. It is not hard to pull them if you get them when they first come up out of the mulch. They arent coming from underneath, but are seeds that have fallen on top of the mulch so they are super easy to get out. But there was one plant that always looked like a big weed to me. So for the last two years I have cut it down to the ground but not pulled it out from the roots. This year I was a little behind on my late spring/early summer weeding. So as I made my way around the garden beds, I found a beautiful surprise!
The "weed" I kept cutting down was another Hydrangea bush (I think). This one is a pastel pink with light green (almost white) petals. The leaves are not solid green like the Annabelle Hydrangea but are veriegated. Absolutely Gorgeous!
Thanks for letting me share my garden with you!


  1. That's so funny! I absolutely love hydrangeas. It's great that you have so many now flourishing in your garden. Watch out, though. I hear they can take over!

  2. Yes, The really big ones already have spread like crazy. The little bush we bought said to give them at least 4x4 foot space to spread. Fine by me!! We will probably plant more on the east side (where they will do best I hear) once we are ready to landscape.