Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wrapping up Pre-K

When summer comes I start to get lazy with my blog posts. As you can see I haven't posted in almost a month!
Well, Amelia has done so well her Pre-K year. She loves to learn and is always excited about working in her school books and doing activities. Here is her notebook of many of the activities she did over the last year.

This year Amelia learned to read, learned many beginning math concepts, learned to write her name, and practiced writing words using all the sounds she has learned. Just the other day she called me to the easel and said, "Mom, I am writing the word wish. I have the W-I. Now I just need the SH. After reminding her what SH looks like, she wrote the word all by herself! She is well on her way to being a reader and writer.

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