Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Frozen Cookie Dough

Okay. I am going to put this out there. I am really not sure if I will be following through with this. But this is my plan. I want to begin to move away from some pre-packaged foods. In fact I have a lot to write about regarding my plans both Stan and I have for our property. I will write more on this later though. For now...back to cookie dough. So in my goal to move a little further away from pre-packaged foods I decided to start with something I am comfortable with-Cookies! I love to bake and I am especially good at drop cookies such as oatmeal and Chocolate chip. So what I plan on doing is freezing my cookie dough into balls and  baking a few at a time whenever we want a fresh cookie for a snack. I have a few packages of cookies from the store still in the pantry, but as soon as they are gone I will not be buying more. DUN DUN DUN... I will keep you posted on how that goes. So Here are the pictures of my Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. I baked 2 dozen and froze 2 1/2 dozen in balls for later.
I baked the frozen dough and they were absolutely delicious! Just like I had just mixed the dough!

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  1. I'm totally with you on ditching the pre-packaged stuff. We're trying to do the same over here. I have done this method from time to time with cookies and it's pretty easy. To me, what takes so long about making homemade cookies is cooking them all once you've made the dough, and with this method you don't do everything at once, which I like. Though I didn't put mine all into balls before hand. Will have to try that.