Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weight Watchers

I am on the road to losing 20 lbs. I believe that with weight loss “slow and steady wins the race”. I have used Weight Watchers Online as a tool in the past and successfully lost 20 lbs after I had Mada. I have maintained that weight and am and now working toward my next goal.

I dislike diets. In fact I have really never been on one. That is why I like the Weight Watchers Point System. It is more a way of living…mostly it is about making decisions regarding portion control, choosing filling foods instead of empty foods. It makes you accountable to yourself and more aware of everything you put in your mouth. It helps you make better choices because the goal is to stay within your daily points.

For Example-
My Daly Points Total = 24
My Weekly Point Allowance = 35

The Weekly Point Allowance can be used anytime and starts over every week. It provides an extra 5 points per day or a splurge sometime during the week. I usually use the Weekly Allowance by the day. So here is how I try to break it down.

Breakfast: 5 Points (Example- 1 Cup Cereal, 1 Slice Toast, ½ Cup Milk)
Snack: 2 Points (Banana-1 Point)
Lunch: 10 Points (Turkey Sandwich, Baked Chips- I think 8 Points)
Snack: 2 Points (Weight Watchers Ice Cream Bar- and yes they are good)
Dinner: 10 Points (I find that a single portion of most things I make end up being about 10 points)

So there is an overview of how the program works. I will try to post updates as I go along.

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  1. HEY!!! NICE TO KNOW YOU STARTED THE PROGRAM AGAIN!!! :-) I only see you almost every week