Sunday, September 6, 2009

I'm Loving It!

We had a full week of wonderful homeschooling! Okay, I know it won't be all roses. Some tough days are sure to come . But I will enjoy the smooth and easy days as often as possible. We read books and sang songs about leaves and trees this week (and we will continue into next week). We also explored what the squirrels have been eating. We have found nuts and apples from the neighbors tree.

Amelia's handwriting curriculum is awesome...even better than I expected. She loves building her letters (this week were L, F, E) with the wood pieces, forming big and little lines with playdough and magnets...and the list goes on. It could be tedious for children who are older... but for 3-4 year olds it provides really good fine motor practice. I can see Amelia's brain working and she is very proud of her work each day.
Amelia wrote this E
For reading, we have been using a book called Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. We finished the first five lessons this week. So far Amelia is doing well with it and most of the activities seem pretty easy for her. I am impressed with the way blending sounds is introduced and practiced so naturally. She already read her first
The chart you see stuck in the book is for recording each lesson we do. Amelia chooses a sticker each time we finish to put on the chart.

To reinforce the sounds we are learning, we use our sound tubs. Amelia sorts the objects into the correct tub by the initial sound. These are really fun. It brings the book work to life through a hands-on activity.

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