Friday, September 25, 2009

Lessons 1-20 Complete!

Amelia finished the first 20 lessons in her reading book and filled her sticker chart! She is very proud of herself. Last night, we went to Borders to pick out a book she could read on her own.  We bought the first set of BOB Books. She should be able to read the first book now and the second book within the next few lessons. She couldn't resist also picking out a princess book with vinyl stickers. This picture shows the "story" she read for lesson 21. The lessons provide practice in reading, comprehension, and word finding (ie. "Find the word this"). The letters and picture cards below show her initial sound sorting cards and the first 10 sounds she is reading with. The only one not included is the th sound as I do not have sandpaper letters or picture cards for the blends and digraphs.

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