Saturday, August 27, 2011

Homeschool Week 2

This week we began learning about our eyes. Amelia used an interactive website to identify the parts of the eye. We also read some great information in our human body encyclopedia.
She learned about pupil dialation and decided to bring a small mirror into the car with her so she could watch her pupils change in different light.
In math we began learning about place value. At first she didn't quite understand the concept, but with some practice with the place value manipulatives it all began to make sense.
Amelia finished her first Reading workbook and got a 98% on her first test of the year. She was really proud of herself and showed it off to dad as well!
It was our 10th day of school so we celebrated with ZERO THE HERO! Zero the Hero brought them a zero shaped treat and they colored a zero and placed 10 zero stickers on it. Lots of fun!

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