Sunday, August 21, 2011

Story of The World 1: What is History?

This week we began our year-long study of Ancient History! After reading a great book about Archaeology,
 we discovered some internet sites that allowed Amelia to manipulate real tools used by Archaeologists and we discovered the 2,000 year old city of Petra through an interactive map!
Next, Amelia interviewed her Great Grandma Sally to learn more about her family history and recorded the information she heard.
We learned that historians often find bits of clay pottery in their digs that were left behind many years ago. To illustrate this, the girls painted clay pots and then "accidently" broke them.
 We later used them in our Archaeology dig outside in the sandbox. They glued the pieces together to see what they could learn about the "ancient civilization" they had discovered.
Here they uncovered the corner of a clay pot!
Amelia carefully brushed the sand off of the broken pieces.
Finally we glued the artifact back together!
We had a lot of fun during our first week of Ancient History!
I look forward to many more discoveries throughout the year.

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