Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sprinkler System Repairs

Well, after the fencing company installed the new fence they informed us that they hit the underground water line for the sprinkler system. They had also burried the broken spots under 2 feet of concrete. How thoughtful of them. So with no rain, no sprinklers, and record high temperatures...the green grass turned a solid straw color in a matter of two weeks! The lawn practically matched our house color!
So, Stan knew a guy who is a handyman and came over to repair it before our hideous lawn brought down the whole neighborhood. HEHEHE!
This is a picture of one of the 4 broken spots in the line. As you can see, the water just poured out as soon as you turned it on.
Running a new section of PVC pipe.
After 8 hours of work, he repaired all of the leaks and the sprinkler system was up and running. It only took about 2 weeks for the grass to green up again! It looks so much better.

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