Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Few Highlights From Our Day

I just wanted to post some pictures of a few of the activities we did today. This was Amelia's first "real" puzzle. It was a 25 piece jigsaw puzzle. When she saw it she eagerly took out all the pieces. We talked about looking for clues and puzzle strategies such as looking for the corners and borders first and looking for colors/patterns in the emerging picture. (I actually surprised myself...because I REALLY don't like puzzles! LOL!) Out of all the activities she did today I would say this was her favorite and the one she was most proud of. This puzzle is dedicated to Aunt Celia...the puzzle master.

She sorted her sound tubs like a Pro on this "T" chart.

Mada worked hard and concentrated on her work with pattern blocks for a good amount of time this morning. She matched colors, sorted by shape, and stacked them in piles. All of this was by her own initiative as I only provided the materials and allowed her to explore them however she wanted. I feel deeper learning takes place when a child is able to investigate it themselves first without my superficial "teaching" (especially at this young age).

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