Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our First Day with Workboxes!

Our Workboxes are ready to go. I wasn't planning on filling Mada's boxes, but I could already see Amelia being protective over her work and Mada crying because she didn't get to do it. For now I think I will keep Mada's boxes the same for the whole week and change Amelia's out every day. The only thing I still plan on doing is adding a label to each of the boxes so the girls can easily identify their own boxes. However, I did not get that done yet.
Here is a peek into our first Workboxes...
Amelia (4 1/2)

Sound Tubs for letter sorting


My Five Senses Folder Game and Book

Handwriting Without Tears Letter Building

Pattern Blocks and Cards

Read Book

Art Project from Funshine Express

Reading Lesson
Mada (2 1/2)

Sound Tub

Color Wonder Pad with Markers

Pattern Blocks

Cutting Work

Chalkboard w/ chalk


Mr. PotatoHead


  1. This looks so fun! What a great idea. Do you let the girls choose which boxes they will do each day or do you have a specific order that you want them to complete first?

  2. Amelia will complete the boxes in order...although it seems like 8 boxes were a few too many. I think 6 would work for now. I will switch hers out daily (Mon-Thurs). Mada can pick and choose what she wants to do and hers will stay the same for the whole week.