Friday, October 9, 2009

Passport to the World- Introduction

I have been working to put a literature/geography curriculum together for Amelia and it has been going VERY slowly. However, I think I might be on a roll now. Here is the overview of what I plan on doing.
This curriculum is designed for Pre-K/K and could be used over an entire school year. You may notice it has the flavor of several different curriculum sources including FIAR and Winter Promise: Animal Worlds. I had considered using these, but after much research I decided this year I would fly by the seat of my pants and create my own.
My key resources will be a world map (I am using a placemat size right now), a children's atlas, "Children Just Like Me", "Around the World in 80 Tales", "Wee Sing Around the World", and the "DK Animal Encyclopedia".

I will use these resources throughout our entire study and they will be useful throughout our homeschool journey as well. We will start here at home and move out into the world traveling to each continent one at a time through songs, literature, and hands-on crafts. I also plan on creating a notebook with Amelia to document our journey.
During each continent study we will:
  1. Find the continent on the map and globe in relation to where we live; look up the continent in the atlas, briefly reading the captions and pointing out interesting facts.
  2. Introduce a country by reading a picture book about the area, color the countries' flag, create a picture tour of the country, and explore any other important concepts from the book. (Usually 2 countries per continent)
  3. Read some traditional stories from the continent.("Around the World in 80 Tales".)
  4. Listen to music from the area. ("Wee Sing Around the World", organized by continent).
  5. Do an art/craft using "Global Art" (which is organized by continent).
  6. Learn about the people of the area using "Children just Like Me".
  7. Focus on an animal habitat from that continent and learn about the animals who live there. Choose one animal to focus on and read about in the "DK Animal Encyclopedia".
I hope some of this makes sense. If not, I hope our studies will shed some light on this description as I document our journey around the world over the course of the year!

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  1. This looks fun. Geography was one of my favorites!