Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had Easter dinner and an egg hunt (inside because of the rain) on Sunday evening when Stan got home from work. Alina was in charge of the egg decorating. She set up the materials and helped Amelia and Mada decorate their eggs.
Celia made the ham and green bean casserole. Grandma Sally made the dessert.I made the potatoes, corn, and rolls. My mom made the jello salad. Anita made deviled eggs and puppy chow (our favorite holiday treat). Everyone pitched in for a delicious meal! Hope everyone had a great Easter!!!


  1. Love your Easter table. Sounds like you guys had fun! Mmmm deviled eggs. We missed those this year.

  2. My beautiful Kat, thank you for having the wonderful dinner at your house. We always enjoy the laughter and love shared with everyone. My gorgeous granddaughters are always so well behaved. I was amazed that Amelia was the only one that noticed I had a new purse. She even said she liked it!!

  3. Thanks guys! I have fun decorating and creating traditions for our family to enjoy and remember!