Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Quiet Time Basket

Spending time with the Lord each morning is a habit I have tried to form at various points in my life and it always seemed to fade into the sidelines after a short time. However, I have found that having the right "tools" in my Quiet Time basket has made it a lot easier to stay committed to this essential part of my day. As I lay in bed asleep each morning and hear the alarm, it is always more tempting to turn over and get some extra sleep. But, here are some tips I have found helpful:
*God is honored by the time I set apart just for Him, even if I only wake up 15 minutes early for that purpose.
*Having "something to do" in my quiet time gives me a purpose. My goal is to pray, read the word, and gain some insight into living my life more fully for Him.
So here is a look at what is in my Quiet Time basket...

1.My Favorite Bible. It is the New Living Translation.

2. "Starting Your Day Right" by Joyce Meyer.

3. My Journal

My routine is to start with dedicating my day to Him in prayer. Then I look up the scripture at the top of that days devotion in "Starting Your Day Right". I read the devotion of the day and then write a few sentences in my journal about how these things apply to my life. I usually spend about 15 minutes with the Lord each morning before everyone else gets up and the business of the day sets in. It makes all the difference!

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