Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Cleaning

We have been doing some projects around the house. Spring just has a way of getting me motivated to tackle some work outside. Here is a look at some our projects...
We had a huge log pile that the tree trimmers left. We stacked all the logs against the fence...and's a little ridiculous how much wood we have now. Our next project was window washing. Our windows probably had not been cleaned (or opened) in 15 years. However, we got all the living and dining room windows done. They look awesome!


  1. Just watching you guys with all your projects motivates me to do some spring cleaning! I hate dirty windows, but I've always felt it was too much work to clean windows in a house that I didn't own. Someday!

  2. Looks like my baby girl needs some work clothes and work gloves..... hmmmmm.... now there's an idea.....take my girls shopping!